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Embark on a visual journey with our property photography experience. Our seasoned team specializes in capturing the true essence of each property, highlighting its unique features with precision and creativity. From breathtaking aerial shots that showcase the grandeur of estates to intimate interior details that invite viewers in, we excel in presenting your property in its best light. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring a fresh perspective to real estate imagery, ensuring that every photograph tells a compelling story. Elevate your property's appeal and make a lasting impression with Steven Gourlay Media's exceptional expertise in property photography.

Photography Projects

The Wreck & Ruin Property Photography

Property Photography Services

Wreck & Ruin

Embarking on an exhilarating journey with captivating properties, we take pride in our role as the driving force behind property photography, videotography, website design, and digital marketing. These exciting properties provided us with the canvas to weave a visual narrative that transcends the ordinary. Our comprehensive services extend beyond capturing stunning photographs and videos; we curate immersive digital experiences through thoughtfully crafted websites and strategic digital marketing campaigns. We embrace the challenge of showcasing each property's unique character, ensuring that our work not only meets but exceeds expectations. Trust us to bring your properties to life, making them stand out in the competitive landscape through our integrated approach to visual storytelling and digital presence.

Property Photography Services

The Otters

Discover the allure of our recently completed self-catering gem nestled in Ardmair, just north of Ullapool. This enchanting property boasts panoramic views that stretch across the mesmerising landscape, capturing the beauty of Isle Martin and the Summer Isles beyond. The architectural challenge presented by its hillside perch inspired us to masterfully balance natural and studio lighting, ensuring every corner of the property is bathed in the perfect glow. Our team at Steven Gourlay Media embraced the intricacies of this project, skillfully harnessing light to illuminate the modern charm of this newly-built haven. Witness the seamless fusion of architecture and photography as we unveil the soul of this Ardmair retreat through our lens – where each image tells a story of breathtaking views and thoughtful design.

The Otters Ardmair Property Photography
Birches Lodge Property Photography

Property Photography Services

Birches Lodge

An exquisite retreat perched on the tranquil shores of Little Loch Broom near Dundonell. With sweeping panoramic views of the majestic mountains, this haven offers an idyllic escape where guests can unwind in the hot tub, surrounded by the mesmerizing dance of light on the slopes. While capturing the essence of this paradise, our biggest challenge arose from the clear blue skies and intense sunlight on the day of our shoot. Despite the picturesque setting, the vibrant blue skies posed a unique challenge for media capture, as they risked washing out colors and creating a potentially bland canvas. However, our skilled team at Steven Gourlay Media rose to the occasion, employing techniques to preserve the lodge's charm and vibrancy, ensuring that every image reflects the true beauty of Birches Lodge, even under the bright azure skies.

Property Photography Services

The Highland Bothies

Capturing the essence of the Highland bothies was a great experience. These charming retreats, each featuring its own inviting hot tub, provide an unparalleled vantage point overlooking the picturesque Ullapool. The challenge and thrill of photographing and filming these unique accommodations lay in translating the serene atmosphere and breathtaking views into visual stories. As the lens framed the bothies against the stunning backdrop, we aimed to convey the sense of tranquility and luxury that comes with enjoying the superb views from the comfort of a hot tub.

The Highland Bothies Property Photography

Located in Ullapool on the NC500 route, we offer Media Services in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.  


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