The Mysteries Of Anthrax Island

The Mysteries Of Anthrax Island

24 November 2023 Cameraman Services, Drone Services

The Mysteries Of Anthrax Island

BBC Documentary

The Mysteries Of Anthrax Island

BBC Documentary

Project Services

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Project Summary

Being part of the Gruinard Island/Anthrax Island project was particularly intriguing for us, as it held personal significance.

This island, a place where our family has both shared moments and played on the beach, added a unique layer of connection to the work.

The intersection of personal history and professional engagement brought an added depth to the project. It became more than just an assignment—it was a journey into a familiar yet transformed landscape, prompting a thoughtful and resonant approach to the tasks at hand.

This personal connection infused our work with a sense of commitment and appreciation, making the project both professionally rewarding and personally meaningful.

Watch the documentary here:

Drone Services

Drone Services

Our time on the project involved capturing a variety of general view (GV) shots with the drone, ranging from dramatic island reveals to eerie silhouettes at night. The Inspire 2 proved to be an invaluable asset, especially when filming the rib heading out to the island.

What set the Inspire 2 apart was its versatility in lens selection, allowing us to switch lenses and thereby achieve a diverse range of visual perspectives.

This flexibility stood in contrast to many smaller drones with fixed focal lengths set to a wide angle.

The ability to adapt our lens choices added depth and a nuanced feel to the shots, enabling us to craft a visual narrative that precisely matched the mood and atmosphere we aimed to convey.

Ullapool Shore Street Development Drone Services
Cameraman for BBC Documentary Mysteries of Anthrax Island


Videotography / Cameraman

Filming in the Highlands presents a unique set of challenges, where the weather is known for its unpredictability, fluctuating from blue skies to torrential rain and even snow within the span of a single day.

While capturing interviews and scenes, we often found ourselves contending with the elements, enduring the brunt of ever-changing weather conditions to secure the shots we needed.

This adaptability to the Highland weather became an inherent part of our process, requiring us to be resilient and resourceful in the face of nature's whims.

The commitment to obtaining the necessary footage, even in adverse conditions, underscored our dedication to delivering a comprehensive and authentic visual portrayal of the Highlands, capturing its essence in all its diverse and, at times, challenging glory.



During our time on location, we seized every opportunity to capture impactful photographs that would later prove instrumental in marketing the documentary.

These images, carefully curated to convey the essence and significance of the project, served as powerful visual assets in promotional materials.

The photographs not only encapsulated the unique atmosphere of the documentary but also became integral in communicating its narrative to a wider audience.

By strategically leveraging the compelling visuals we captured on location, we aimed to create a marketing campaign that resonated with the audience, providing a visual preview of the documentary's depth and

Mysteries of Anthrax Photography

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