The Wreck & Ruin

The Wreck & Ruin

24 November 2023 Cameraman Services, Drone Services , Gimbal Operator, Marketing, Post Production, Website Design

The Wreck & Ruin

New Property Rental Business in Ullapool

The Wreck & Ruin

New Property Rental Business in Ullapool

Project Services

Drone / Aerial

Video / Gimbal Operator


Website Design


The Wreck & Ruin Stone Cottages Ullapool

Project Summary

The Wreck & Ruin are two stunning holiday cottages that were built by Martin & Jaimie on the shores of Loch Broom. Martin & Jaimie wanted to get their rental properties to their target audience as soon as possible.

We set about creating a storyboard of the shots that we wanted to take to showcase their properties, the main purpose for the video was to showcase their property within the crucial 15 seconds to use on social media platforms but also to have on their website for any new traffic Using both the DJI Inspire 2 & DJI Ronin 4D we got some lovely shots on site, brining both Jaimie & Martin into the filming to show wild swimming / kayaking.

Website was designed to be responsive as a large % of the traffic is going to be coming direct from social media platforms the ouns was on mobile with PC coming secondary.

Drone Services

Drone Services

Situated on the picturesque shores of Lochbroom, our strategic use of the drone became instrumental in capturing versatile footage tailored for distinct purposes. By employing different focal lengths, we curated footage specifically optimised for website videos, ensuring a detailed and engaging visual narrative.

Moreover, the flexibility of switching to a wider lens enabled us to seamlessly transition to reel content, offering a broader perspective that accentuated the scenic beauty of Lochbroom.

This thoughtful approach to utilising varied focal lengths not only catered to the specific needs of website videos but also contributed to the creation of compelling reel content, showcasing the unique charm of the location in its entirety.

The Wreck & Ruin Drone Footage
Wreck & Ruin Videotography


Videotography / Cameraman

Leveraging the capabilities of the DJI Ronin 4D proved instrumental in our pursuit of crafting exceptionally smooth and impactful footage. This specialised equipment enabled us to create content specifically tailored for social media marketing, effectively highlighting both the unique properties and the scenic allure of the location.

The Ronin 4D's advanced stabilisation technology played a pivotal role in achieving a level of visual precision that resonates seamlessly on social media platforms.

We also experimented with the use of the DJI flex and motrised slider for some tricky shots.

Through this strategic use of technology, we aimed to captivate the audience with immersive and dynamic content, effectively showcasing not only the properties but also the distinctive charm of the surrounding

Website Design

Website Design

Our development of the Wreck & Ruin website cantered around creating a responsive and highly mobile-friendly platform.

The design prioritised user accessibility across various devices, with a particular emphasis on optimising the mobile experience.

To engage potential visitors and seamlessly transition them into customers, we strategically incorporated short and impactful videos. These videos were carefully curated to provide a comprehensive and enticing preview of the guest experience, effectively drawing in visitors and compelling them to explore further.

The website's overall structure and content strategy were crafted to deliver a user-friendly, immersive, and visually compelling representation of what Wreck & Ruin has to offer.

The Wreck & Ruin Website Design
Custom Branded Welcome Pack

Custom Branded Welcome Pack

Custom Branded Welcome Pack

In the post-production phase of the media captured at the Wreck and Ruin, our focus was on concise yet impactful videos strategically tailored to resonate with key demographics.

Specifically targeting individuals engaged in activities such as wild swimming, kayaking, and beachside dog walks, the videos were meticulously edited to align with the interests and preferences of these specific audience segments. The resulting short and dynamic videos were subsequently deployed in the creation of compelling social media ads and reels.

By aligning the visual content with the lifestyles and interests of the target demographics, we aimed to not only capture attention but also create a resonance that would prompt engagement and interaction, ultimately contributing to the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

DOP - Cameraman

Post Production - Editing

Our post production service was used throughout this project, due to the duration and number of cameras the data collected that need to be processed was very high requiring a lot of processing power. During the project we were responsible for monthly branded time-lapse videos showing the progress.

At the end of the project a short promotion video was shot to show the completion so we had to cut the footage and structure it in a way that would flow with the narrative and transition from different stages of the works.

Post Production - Editing

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