Ullapool Shore Street Development

Ullapool Shore Street Development

23 November 2023 Cameraman Services, Drone Services , Timelapse

Ullapool Shore Street Development

Ullapool Harbour / RJ MCLEOD

Ullapool Shore Street Development

Ullapool Harbour / RJ MCLEOD

Project Services

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Drone / Aerial

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Ullapool Shore Street Prior To Works

Project Summary

Following RJ McLeod's successful acquisition of the project contract, they engaged our services to provide quotations for various essential offerings throughout the project's timeline.

Our scope of services encompassed autonomous drone flights designed to meticulously document the project's progression, manual controlled flights for capturing real-time work activities, high-quality still photography, and the deployment of a fixed timelapse camera.

Upon project completion, I curated a promotional video that comprehensively highlighted the development, featuring insightful interviews with key personnel such as Ullapool Harbour Master Kevin Peach and RJ McLeod's Michael Osborne.

Drone Services

Drone Services

Before commencing the project, we planned a series of autonomous drone flights aimed at comprehensively capturing the entire project scope from varied perspectives.

Employing the advanced capabilities of the DJI Inspire 2, we conducted a thorough analysis to determine the optimal focal lengths for each autonomous flight, ensuring the capture of intricate project details.

In addition to autonomous flights, manual controlled flights were strategically deployed to provide close-up documentation of ongoing works at various stages throughout the project. This dual approach, combining autonomous and manual flights, allowed us to attain a comprehensive visual record of the project's evolution.

Ullapool Shore Street Development Drone Services
Cameraman for RJ MCLEOD


Videotography / Cameraman

Given the geographical considerations of the project, the predominant method of documentation employed was drone footage, effectively capturing the expansive scope of the endeavour.

However, recognising the need for a more intimate portrayal and detailed presentation, a ground camera system was strategically introduced.

Specifically, the ground camera system was instrumental in conducting interviews conducted towards the project's culmination, offering a more personal and focused perspective.

Furthermore, this system played a pivotal role in showcasing the nuanced improvements made to the infrastructure, providing a comprehensive visual narrative that complemented the aerial footage obtained through drone technology.

This balanced utilization of aerial and ground-based cinematography ensured a well-rounded and insightful documentation of the project.


Ground Photography

Ground photographs served a dual purpose in our project, fulfilling the crucial roles of progress documentation and strategic marketing endeavors.

To achieve the utmost in visual clarity and detail, our primary tool for this task was the Canon DSLR camera, renowned for its high-performance capabilities, boasting a robust full-frame sensor with an impressive 50-megapixel resolution.

This choice of equipment was deliberate, aiming to capture images with unparalleled sharpness and clarity, thus providing a meticulous record of project advancements.

Simultaneously, the high-resolution output served as a valuable asset for marketing initiatives, enabling us to showcase the project's achievements with a level of detail that resonates effectively with our audience.

Construction Photography Progress Documenting
Timelapse Camera Setup


Project Time-Lapse

After a comprehensive evaluation, we selected and implemented a sophisticated system.

This setup involved the utilisation of a time-lapse camera configured to utilise mobile network connectivity for seamless data uploads. To enhance client engagement and transparency, a dedicated portal was established, providing authorized access for the client. This portal not only facilitated client monitoring but also enabled the convenient sharing of project progress updates with contractors and the wider public.

To ensure accessibility and efficiency in project updates, we implemented a streamlined approach by creating monthly status update videos. This strategic measure obviated the necessity for multiple links, providing viewers with a singular, continuously updated link.

This approach not only simplified access but also ensured that anyone visiting the link would have immediate access to the latest project developments without the need to navigate through multiple iterations.

DOP - Cameraman

Post Production - Editing

Our post production service was used throughout this project, due to the duration and number of cameras the data collected that need to be processed was very high requiring a lot of processing power. During the project we were responsible for monthly branded time-lapse videos showing the progress.

At the end of the project a short promotion video was shot to show the completion so we had to cut the footage and structure it in a way that would flow with the narrative and transition from different stages of the works.

Post Production - Editing

Located in Ullapool on the NC500 route, we offer Media Services in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.  


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