Ultimateaddons Motorcycle Accessories

Ultimateaddons Motorcycle Accessories

24 November 2023 Cameraman Services, Drone Services , Gimbal Operator, Post Production

Ultimateaddons Content Creation

Highlands of Scotland

Ultimateaddons Content Creation

Highlands of Scotland

Project Services

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Drone / Aerial

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Gimbal Operator

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Ullapool Shore Street Prior To Works

Project Summary

A promotion video that was to showcase Ultimateaddons who are a motorcycle accessory brand based in the Highlands of Scotland.

Mhairi set about creating a storyboard of the list of shots that would cover Ultimateaddons wanted as it was to combine two main products their new motorcycle heated grips and their tough phone cases.

I arranged for one of my Andrew my experienced IOAM motorcycle friend to ride the Yamaha Tenere T7 that was provided from Mitchells Motorcycles in Inverness (thanks again).

The Yamaha was picked by Ultimateaddons as it's a very popular dual purpose adventure motorcycle that can be used on and off road.

With the date being in late November we were always going to be up against the clock with daylight hours and weather.

True enough the day of the filming we had freezing fog and ice on the roads before we even got out of Ullapool, not ideal motorcycle riding weather.

Drone Services

Drone Services

Given the geographical locaton of the project site, we set the DJI Inspire 2 equipped with the X7 camera to conduct aerial flights over the loch. This deliberate choice allowed us to capture dynamic and visually compelling panning shots.

The drone, serving as a pivotal tool, played a key role in diversifying perspectives and enhancing the overall excitement of the video footage.

By leveraging the capabilities of the DJI Inspire 2 with X7, we were able to achieve a level of cinematographic versatility that contributed significantly to the visual narrative.

The aerial perspective over the loch not only added an element of grandeur but also provided a unique and captivating viewpoint, ultimately enriching the quality and visual appeal of the video documentation.

Ultimateaddons Content Creation using DJI Inspire 2 X7
Cameraman for Ultimateaddons


Videotography / Cameraman

In order to ensure both redundancy and a comprehensive range of shot types, we deployed two video cameras for this project.

The Canon C300 MK3, coupled with a series of prime lenses, became our primary choice for capturing stationary shots, providing a level of cinematic sophistication and detail.

To introduce dynamic movement into our footage, we incorporated the Ronin 4D. This addition allowed us to infuse a sense of gravitas into our shots, enhancing the visual narrative with purposeful and controlled motion.

The use of these two cameras was not merely a matter of precaution but a strategic approach to deliver a visually compelling and nuanced portrayal of the project.

Gimbal Operator

Gimbal Operator

As i would be operating the drone and also the Canon C300 we brought another member of our team to operate the Ronin 4D to get some more movement into the shots.

We used the Ronin for some movement shots but also to get above the rider and get 90° shots looking down at the Ultimateaddons heated grips.

Everyday is a school day, we learned a lot for using the Ronin for this shoot.  Since this project we are using the Ronin 4D much more as the movment flows well with the inspire 2. 

Gimbal Operating the Ronin 4D


Product Photography

During the filming process, my colleague Connor and I were focused on capturing video content, while Mhairi took charge of product photography.

Mhairi demonstrated exceptional efficiency, seizing every opportunity to capture compelling photos whenever we were setting up for another scene. Her proactive approach ensured that we maximized the potential of the shoot, seamlessly integrating product photography into the overall production workflow.

Mhairi's keen eye for detail and quick response to each setup contributed significantly to the comprehensive visual documentation of the project, highlighting her dedication to enhancing the overall quality of our visual assets.

Post Production

Post Production - Editing

The primary objective of this shoot was to curate tailored content for Ultimateaddons. We created concise promotional videos, strategically designed for seamless integration into their website. Additionally, we developed targeted videos optimised for social media advertising campaigns, ensuring maximum impact across various platforms.

Recognising the importance of customisation, we generated reseller-branded videos to cater to specific partner requirements.

Complementing the dynamic video content, we edited still images to align with the client's vision and branding guidelines. The holistic approach to content creation aimed at providing Ultimateaddons with a versatile array of visual assets for diverse marketing channels, reinforcing their brand presence with consistency and impact.

Post Production - Editing

Located in Ullapool on the NC500 route, we offer Media Services in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.  


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